Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nature Notes: Spring Comes to the Pond

Spring came early and all of a sudden this year. One day it was cold and silent, and the next it was warm and noisy. Birds are warbling and chirping. The owls and frogs have resumed their nightly serenade, with guest performances from the coyotes.

Green things are sprouting up everywhere; it's time to weed the flower beds already, and to trim back pine trees that are threatening to engulf the driveway.

A pair of Canada geese are considering nesting in the pond this year. There's lots of cover for them back in the buttonwood bushes, which they seem to like. Once in there, they become almost invisible. Can you see the second one in the photo below?

Hide and Seek

Winter was so mild this year that we can't quite trust that it's over. We keep asking, Was that IT? Is that all there IS? Compared to the endless Arctic event of last year, it's as if winter passed us by. Not that anyone is complaining.

When I get a chance, I'm going back in the woods to see if there are any ramps or morel mushrooms yet. I'll keep ya posted.

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