Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nature Notes: Wildflowers

Out at the end of the driveway a community of wildflowers is growing. You don't see them from the car; you have to get out and really look. If I hadn't stopped to look around when I got the mail I never would have noticed. I had to enhance the photo so you could see them in among the oak leaves.

The larger ones are cut leaved toothwort, which is an awfully ugly name for a such pretty little flower, if you ask me. The star-shaped ones are called spring-beauties, claytonia virginica according to my wildflower guidebook.

I don't know what the spotted leaves are or whether they're planning to bloom, but they're attractive, don't you think?

Click Here: Nature Notes.


Anonymous said...

That's what I need a wildflower guide. I will need an assistant to carry all my guides and stuff as I take a walk. LOL. I hate to put the pressure on your Vicki, but now I will have to go see if I can ID anything that is across the pond. See what you started? LOL..Thanks for participating in Nature Notes.. Michelle

sallyacious said...

What pretty flowers! Here's to stopping for a moment, taking a breath and looking around.

Amanda Guthrie said...

Those spring beauties are gorgeous I love to wildflowers from other areas thanks for sharing!

Celeste said...

Beautiful photographs of some the delightful details of nature.

RJ Flamingo said...

I need some sort of wildflower guide, too. Every time I turn around, I spot some tiny, pretty little thing popping up in an unexpected place. Great post!

I also did Nature Notes - I hope you’ll stop by mine! It's short. I promise.:-)

Carver said...

I love wildflowers and am lucky to have a lot in my garden. I really enjoyed seeing the ones you have. Lovely shots.