Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

When my aunt passed away, I inherited a box filled with memories of men lost in wars. This brother in the Second World War, another in Korea, her son in Viet Nam. Letters they sent home. Letters announcing their deaths. Purple hearts, medals, folded flags.

Many of us have such boxes, entrusted to us for safekeeping. On this day, we pull them out and open them, to remember and to give thanks for the courage and sacrifice of the fallen and their families. To give thanks for those who came home safe.

To all those who have served, and to all serving now, my hearfelt gratitude.


moosh said...

You post prompted me to pull out my dads Naval Photo and and honor him today. He returned safe from the war but passed away in 1974.
Thanks for the reminder.

Rambling Woods said...

I wish I had some memorabilia, but it was at my Mother's house and she wouldn't let me have it for safe keeping... Two house fires later and it's all gone...Michelle From Rambling Woods

MyMaracas said...

Good for you, Moosh. I'm sure he's smiling down as you think of him. My Dad came home safe too, as did my father in law. They were both Navy. My uncles and cousin were Marines.

Michelle, that is sad. I'm sorry those reminders are gone. Somehow, things like these connect us with those who have gone before.

This telegram gets me every time. To get word that your son is gone, and is buried in a grave you will never see, in the enemy's land ... I don't know how people took it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering as not many have. I was in the Korean war. Thanks again Bye Bye Ed

MyMaracas said...

Thank YOU, Ed.