Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nature Notes: Dances With Geese

Out here in the country, mailboxes are all on one side of the road. Ours is on the other side, so I always pull into the driveway and stroll across the street to pick up our daily supply of junk and bills. The neighbors don't mind; it's the way things work out here.

Their geese, on the other hand, consider it an outrage.

These are them. I call them "The Girls," and since their appearance a few weeks ago, checking the mail is a daily event. The game goes like this:

Nearing the driveway, I slow down and turn off the radio. All the better to sneak up on 'em, you see. I park and open the car door. By now, they have spotted me and are heading my way from wherever it is geese lurk between victims. They stop. I look at them. They look at me.

Slowwwwly, I set my foot on the gravel. At the first crunch they raise the alarm, honking as if the hounds of hell had invaded their turf.

I start moving toward the box, my pace nonchalant, matching theirs. If all goes well, I get to the box first, grab the mail, and beat a hasty retreat before they reach me. However, if one of us starts to run there's a full-on, wing-flapping, shrieking-honking race for the goal.

It is important at such moments to consider the probable value of the prize. Because there's a pretty good chance somebody is about to get whacked and bitten for it. And that would most likely be me.

I'm pretty quick for an old broad, and I have yet to leave empty handed. But if The Girls ever look like they're gaining on me, I will ditch and run without a backward glance.

Their territory apparently ends at the blacktop, because once I've gained the street they settle into a cranky border-patrol mode, still grumbling and eyeing me closely, but never following me back to the car.

A saner woman would probably just turn around in the driveway, back up to the box, and reach into it from inside the car. But hey. Where's the fun in that?

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CrazyBunnyLady said...

Pretty geese.

dsmcaron said...

They are pretty, but they're awfully cranky. And they have a mean nip, don't they? I know Canada Geese do - holy mackerel!

ROSIDAH said...

LOL. I can imagine the fun. But I really hope you don't get bitten. Girls have to protect their territory, don't they ;). Still, they are lovely! Have a great week.

Carver said...

What a fun post. I guess they are guard geese. Love the shot and story.

Anonymous said...

I guess geese are like my wife always watching her territory.
Vary good post most of them out there are the same thing over and over.
Yoy have a good day Bye Bye Ed

Sallyacious said...

What a great story. I don't blame you for running. Geese are vicious.

Rambling Woods said...

Geese make great watchdogs Vicki. I miss hearing Benji and his companions sounding the alarm... Beautiful geese too....

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Some really beautiful and lovely shots !! Thanks for sharing the beauty !!Unseen Rajasthan