Friday, December 10, 2010

Let It Snow

Mmmmmm. Friday. My day off, happiest day of the week. So I'm sitting here, NOT going out in the snow, NOT slipping and sliding my way to work, and NOT scraping ice off my windshield at midnight. (I work the last shift.)

NPR's Science Friday is on, a program I always enjoy. Today there is a segment on how to grow your own snowflake. Interesting, but not exactly useful, as we have plenty of 'em.

The snow stopped today and the sun is out, but ice is on the way for the weekend. Ice is so much worse.

It takes a while to recall how to drive in all this; how to steer out of it when you slide sideways, how to take a hill fast enough to avoid losing momentum but slow enough to avoid skidding off the road into a snowbank, what to do when you go sailing into an intersection on a red light because you just can't stop. But hey, what's a day without a little adrenalin?

So anyway, I'm doing as much Christmas shopping online as I can. It's amazing we can browse web pages, type in a credit card number now and then, and just sit back and wait for delivery. Technology is a beautiful thing.

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