Friday, January 14, 2011

Nature Notes: Cabin Fever

Cast Aside

What can I say. It's still winter. There's still a ton of snow. I'm sick of photographing white fields and birds, and house plants are as close to nature as I can get these days.

Somebody gave me a cyclamen for Christmas, which was gorgeous for weeks but has now gone into a rather steep decline. I trimmed off the yellow leaves and spent blossoms today, tossing them into the sink.

Just before scooping the trimmings into the trash I noticed how lovely they looked, in a Miss Havisham sort of way. A corsage for a zombie prom queen.

So that's my big moment of nature appreciation for the week. I hope it counts. If not, here's another friggin' bird for ya:

On Silent Wings

Come on, spring...

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Carver said...

Ha, I know the feeling. Friggin birds are the main live thing around here at the moment.

Marvin said...

A cyber-echo: I've heard this before ... from my wife ... several times. And, we only live in northern Arkansas where our snow lasted less than a week, and that was longer than normal.

Still, that's a great shot of the hawk.

Michelle said...

LOL..hey it's the friggen birds that get me out of feed them.. LOL.. I hear ya loud and clear... I like your dried flowers and I have updated the links and photo collage to include you....sorry about that... Michelle

MyMaracas said...

Carver, they are the only sign of life here, too. Even the squirrel has gone - I hung and old toy racquet between the post and the feeder, and it actually worked.

Marvin, thanks. I can sympathize with her. We've been socked in since mid December.

Michelle, thanks so much! Please don't feel you have to update your collages for me. I'm never on time, and I don't want to mess them up.

Arija said...

My cyclamen looks just like your and we are in the middle of winter! I wish I had some friggin' birds I could get close enough to shoot. Our birds are wary and elusive and you hear more warning calls than you spot birds and when you do, the beggars hide amongst the profusion of leaves.

You do sound cross . . . buck up, soon you'll get sick of all that colour in spring.

MyMaracas said...

Arija, I suppose I do sound cross. Sorry about that. I suppose it's because ... well, because I AM cross, cooped up and freezing. I welcome the chance to get sick of all that spring color!

I used to be great with houseplants, but I've never had a cyclamen. It has the look of something that languishes outside of a greenhouse. In other words - it's doomed.

If you want to shoot birds, put up a feeder and make them come to you. ;-)

Leora said...

I can so relate to your post title.

I enjoy the white of winter, but I have a hard time seeing anything related to nature at this time of year. Birds, I guess, but not as many as I see in fall.

I look forward to your joy when you see that first crocus.

lifeshighway said...

Am I the only one who really liked your Mrs. Havisham's corsage. Well I did, I loved the colors.

jo said...

Hope you're well and happy.

MyMaracas said...

Leora, same here. Birds and squirrels are all that's stirring here.

Life, THANK you! I was rather pleased with the zombie corsage shot myself. Nice to know you liked it too. :-)

Good to see you, Jo! I'll be by to visit soon.