Friday, February 18, 2011

Nature Notes: Full Snow Moon

Woooo Hoooo! Look what's happening in my front yard!

We've had a few days in the 40's and yesterday was up to 56 degrees, positively balmy. The pussywillow is already popping out fuzzies, and last night I stood on my front porch without a jacket and experimented with full-moon shots using new camera:

Full Snow Moon

The February full moon is the Snow Moon, or the Hunger Moon, as this is generally the month of heaviest snow. It certainly has earned its name this year, but I think the worst is over. If pussywillows are out, spring can't be far behind.

We made it!

(P.S. I had to fiddle with the moon images in editing to reveal the details, but I am encouraged by how clear they turned out. Don't know why the moon turned from white to yellow in the process, but I'm working on it.)

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Marvin said...

Nice shot of the full moon. Ours was hidden behind a heavy cloud cover. Winter will surely take another shot or two at us, but I hope you are correct that the worst of it is behind us.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of the moon all I get is a bright spot. Glad your camera is working out. Bye Bye Ed

Thyra said...

What a wonderful photo of the full moon. I have never heard this strong expression "Hunger Moon".

We've got snow and frost - again.
And the tough eastern wind sweeping all the way from Sibiria!!Icy cold.
I've just seen half an hour's TV from sunny Italy as a comfort.
Grethe `)

KaHolly said...

I think your picture of the moon is wonderful!! I didn't know the February moon was also called the Hungry Moon, either! It was interesting to check out your links. Have a great weekend. ~karen

Vilisi@islandmusings said...

Hi, I came here via Retired English Teacher and so pleased I did. What a beautiful blog you have and the life you describe sounds so enviable !

A piece of news said...

That is an amazing shot of the moon. I'm fascinated that you have a lens that can capture it. I am going to drive west from Iowa into Ohio, so I wish ya'll would get your weather straight for me. I can hardly believe it, but the weather here has been milder than yours!