Friday, April 8, 2011

Nature Notes: Love Is In the Air

Working It

In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

Yep, he's twitterpated all right.

The dominant Tom turkeys are strutting their stuff, flashing their frills, bringin' the bling. The ladies pretend not to notice, but it's a tough act to ignore.

Toms look huge in full display mode, and that wattle turns a brilliant red when the hens are looking.

They'd be magnificent if their heads weren't butt-ugly.

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Debbie said...

i spotted many a turkey today also, but yours is way prettier. cute narrative!!

Carver said...

What a great shot. Definitely strutting his stuff.

Rambling Woods said...

LOL...they are full of themselves.. I wanted to let you know that we have had 3 ash trees in our yard treated for the emerald ash borer. We had an arborist do the injection that goes right into the tree to be taken up and hopefully will kill the borer without doing any damage to the environment. The injection lasts for 3 years. This bug is going to kill millions of trees..sigh..

Leora said...

He looks so... male.

EG Wow said...

Fun phot0 of that show-off turkey. :))

A piece of news said...

He is certainly a looker!