Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nature Notes: Naughty 'n' Ice

Hello, all. It's been a while since I've joined you, because Mother Nature hasn't done anything particularly interesting around here lately - nothing, at least, that I haven't already posted about.

Exasperated at being ignored, the bawdy Green Lady pulled out all the stops: Flashed her boobs, she did! I swear! Saw it myself.

And THEN look what happened:

Naughty 'N' Ice

Upward Growing Icicle

That, my friends, is an icicle growing upward out of the water. In all my 60 years I have never before seen this happen.

And just like that, Mama N has recaptured my undivided attention. Can't wait to see what the hot old broad does next.

* For the more science-minded, these rare structures form when liquid water is forced upward through a central channel as the ice freezes. (More info here.) According to my research, they usually have flat sides like a prism. I was kind of disappointed in my own thingie when I found that out. I would have gotten an even bigger kick out of an ice prism.

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Linda Myers said...

Wow - I've never seen one of those!

Carver said...

Great shots. I had that happen last winter with the photographs to prove it but it was the first time I'd ever seen it and now yours is the second time.

Arija said...

That is about as rare for you as capturing a sun=dog is for me. I knew the 'how' by deduction, a pity you were not given the full chandelier treatment, who knows, maybe next time you will get your prism.
Mother nature gives us so many wonderful surprises if we are open to seeing then.

EG Wow said...

Now I am going to have to pay attention and see if it happens here! Fascinating!!

Daryl said...

Cool (sorry, I couldnt help myself)

Scott said...

Well I have to say that that is very interesting in that small tray. I would love to know how it happens.

Rambling Woods said...

Hello Vicki...nice to see you!!!! I have never seen anything like that..but where is the photo of the boobs? LOL..I know there is somewhat of a repetitive nature in the old Momma Nature so I am trying to find new angles and new things...trying anyway....Thanks for linking up..Michelle

Debbie said...

ice and snow, they really provide beautiful pictures.

we are going to see a beautiful ice display (we planned this trip month's ago). check my blog in a few days, it's a really beautiful place, i think you will enjoy the pictures.

thanks for your very sweet email, you are a very kind soul!! xo