Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Gift That Keeps On Giving (repost)

 The Original Gift

This remarkable yard art object was a wedding gift to my son and his new wife. Needless to say, a lot of heart went into it, but ... well. Yeah.

And it's my own fault, I suppose, that I ended up with it. At dinner one night, after an insane moment at Lowes that nearly resulted in buying a solar powered gazing ball, I did say to my family, "There is something about living in the country that makes you want to put crap in your yard." My son found this hysterically funny.

And so it was that this monument to love was abandoned on my front doorstep like a box of stray kittens.

Now, I am an unabashed packrat.  And I do find myself suddenly and inexplicably attracted to the plastic gnome section of the garden center. But even I draw the line somewhere. Specifically, right here.

To make my point, I added a minor touch of my own: Chenille balls, like the kind found on your more amusing sombreros. The wedding reception actually involved sombreros, so it seemed entirely appropriate:

Son of  The Gift

 The hubby, who does love a practical joke, smuggled the new and improved version back into my son's house when they were out of town. The son was amused but undaunted. The evening of Fathers Day, after everyone had left, I heard my husband laughing and calling me to come and enjoy the new view of the potting shed: 

The Gift: It's BAAaack

I rather enjoyed that one. The lights were on a timer, so they came on only at night. Very festive. But it's still going back for the Fourth of July:

The Gift Goes Patriotic *Recovered post from July 1, 2012

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