Friday, December 28, 2012

The Return of The Thing

The Return of The Thing

Just when we thought we were safe. It's BAAAaaaaack!

Remember this?
It's the misguided wedding-gift-from-hell that has been lobbed back and forth between my son's house and ours since May. We thought we'd seen the last of it, as it hadn't surfaced since July.

We were wrong. So very wrong.

About halfway through Christmas Eve dinner, we suddenly heard carols emanating from the basement rec room: "What the hell is that?" says I. "Hmm. You better go check," says my smirking elder son.

The whole family trooped downstairs and were met by a blaze of lights and blaring music. The Son had set up The Thing on the pool table, complete with an attached a speaker on a timer.

Impressive. Very impressive. And the game has a scoreboard now, with points for Holiday Spirit, Special Effects, and Sneakiness. Behold a perfect 10.

So how am I going to top this??


Rambling Woods said...

LOL...I like your son..I wanted to wish you a very Healthy and Happy New Year...Michelle

Daryl E said...

mail it .. happy healthy new year

MyMaracas said...

MAIL it! Excellent, Daryl. And Happy New Year to you both - and to you, Michelle. Hope it's a healthier one for you.

What Karen Sees said...

Ahh, this is the stuff that memories are made of!