Saturday, February 16, 2013

Looking Out My Backdoor

As most of you know by now, if you come here often, I love birds. In winter, I hang suet and fill two feeders, one with mixed seed and one with shelled peanuts. The suet and peanuts are especially popular with woodpeckers, which rarely come around in the summer. Though that red bellied one is pretty fond of seeds, too.

Here's a look at the current residents:


Above: Northern Flicker   And Below: Red Bellied Woodpecker

Note the seeds flying  in this shot. He shovels out whatever is in his way to get to the good stuff.
How annoying is that?


Last, and Maybe Least: Downy Woodpecker


It's a love/hate thing with these guys because of what they do to our trees:


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Daryl said...

does the 'nesting' hasten the trees demise? i wonder about things like this because this has to be ongoing since the beginning of trees and woodpeckers .. the cycle/circle of life...

MyMaracas said...

OH yeah, Daryl. Kills 'em dead. If I didn't have literally hundreds of trees I'd be totally at war with woodpeckers.

eileeninmd said...

I love your woodies, great shots! I am sorry about your tree. The woodies here have a lot of dead snags in the woods next to my house, so they are happy. Have a happy day!

Laura said...

wonderful photos.. I hear the woodpeckers all the time, but rarely see them.

Rambling Woods said...

Thanks for feeding the birds Vicki.. I love the northern flicker as I don't see them except in the summer. Most of the birds will kick out the millet and it drives me crazy so I have mostly black oil sunflower seeds which everyone likes and eats.

About the tree..I don't have these problems, but when the elm tree next door was starting to go, there were many holes that an arborist told me showed how many insects will in the tree. Could there be an insect issue with this tree? You could try to place some mylar ribbons or a windsock that might help scare them.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.. Michelle