Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nature Notes: The Ones That Got Away

painted turtle

I found this painted turtle just outside the gate of the Corn Fort. It's probably a female looking for a place to lay eggs. I thought I had some better shots of her, but they turned out blurry. In the time it took to go inside, load up the photos, and get back out there she had made a clean gettaway. Those must be racing stripes on her neck and arms.

An awful lot of good shots get past me because I'm too slow or my camera won't zoom far enough. This week alone, I missed photographing a red fox that trotted through the yard and down the path to the pond, a woodchuck sitting on my deck railing, a heron rising up in flight from the swamp, and another fawn. Dang. (There was another snapping turtle out in the front yard, too, but I'm kinda done with those.)

We see so much wildlife here, but we only get a fleeting look before they move on. It makes me wonder what I'm missing when I'm not watching, you know?

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Terri said...

Great capture! She's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I bet its nice to see all you see out there. Im in town so you know what I see. Cars. Im starting to try to take some photos but I have alot that come out blurry dont know why. You have a good day Bye Bye Ed

Rambling Woods said...

Vicki...I am so sorry that I missed your entry. Maybe I should try the Linky again. I have it up now. I get many blurry photos when I think I've gotten a good one or miss things. I think it's a treat that we even get to see a small part of what goes on in Mother Nature. Love the turtle..

MyMaracas said...

Thanks, Terri, I think so too. I wish she weren't so shy.

Ed, Most of my shots come out blurry too. I just take a ton of them and hit it lucky with a few. Maybe you're not locking the focus before releasing the shutter? On mine, you have to depress the shutter button halfway and watch for a green light before clicking it all the way.

Michelle, no worries. It's probably for the best, as I haven't had time to get around to everyone else's to comment this week.

Kcalpesh said...

Awsome, I never got to see a turtle from such a short distance! Nice shot!!

Carver said...

Wonderful shot of the painted turtle. I enjoyed this so much.