Friday, November 27, 2009

Nature Notes: November

Nature Notes

There isn't a lot of interest left in the landscape, now that the leaves are fallen. The tall grasses have dried to a dusty beige, and even the white clouds of milkweed have flown.

The grass is still green, though, and I'm glad for the pines all around. Funny story about those ... a fellow came by and asked the former owners and the neighbor next door if he could pay to raise Christmas trees on the properties, and they both agreed. He planted the trees, some in straight rows and some in a three-row-deep swath down the driveway. He never came back to harvest them, and now they're much too big; some are full grown. Lucky us, eh?

On our last walk around the place, the only splashes of color were a bluebird and a lonely red dragonfly.


Last Dragonfly

Bare Bones

Yellow Brick Road 2

Check out the Before and After shots of the trail. The woods seem smaller when the leaves are off. You can see much farther into it, and all the mystery has disappeared. The hubby likes it better this way. I prefer the shadowy green of summer.

This is such a strange time, suspended between the green seasons and the winter. I am ready for snow.


Rambling Woods said...

It's true, the woods does look smaller without the leaves. That dragonfly looks like an autumn meadowhawk. They are usually the last of the season...Thank you for posting to Nature Notes Vicki.. Oh, I almost forgot. You can get the free Picasa photo editing software and make all the collages you could ever want and it is easy....Michelle

MyMaracas said...

Thanks for the tip on the collages, Michelle! I'll definitely check that out.

Carolyn Ford said...

Amazing woods to walk through. The bare trees are beautiful but I can imagine the trees with green in the summer! I bet the fall colors were stunning! Beautiful post!

Gabriella said...

Beautiful photos :)

I'm also surrounded by woods, chestnut trees, so now I often go for long walks and pick the chestnuts and look for mushrooms under the fallen leaves.

Compliments for your beautiful blog.

Sallyacious said...

That photo of the bluebird is lovely.

This past few weeks I have finally adjusted to being ready for winter. But it took me a while to get here.

NicoleB Egypt said...

It does feel like your nature is holding her breath in your pictures.
And yes, the wood looks the same, but yet so different. I think, smaller fits it.
That bluebird and the dragonfly are lovely!

(And just read about the collages - Photoscape so far has the Best way of making collages. It's free too.
I love Picasa, but not for the collages ;) )

squirrel said...

Nice photos. Can't wait to see it in the snow. I also saw a Autumn Meadowhawk this weekend. They are lovely.

allhorsestuff said...

Yes, It is true...the remnants of color are living and either in flight or hanging onto life at the end of a branch!
I love your before/after shot!
We were on a ride Sunday...and came around a corner and thought,"Whoa, are the trees down and missing?" was huge- without the fillers leaves!

Thanks for the visit at my place!

dsmcaron said...

What a nice, peaceful post. The photo of the bluebird is my favorite.

Carver said...

Wonderful shots. I love the leaf carpets and a beautiful shot of the bird.