Friday, November 5, 2010

About That Camera...


The last time I posted here, I had stumbled head first into the "gray market" rabbit hole, where some things are not what they seem.

I was freaking out because my new Canon Rebel T2i came without warranty cards in the box and Canon was telling me scary things about that. The company I bought if from, Central Digital, insisted I had nothing to worry about and wanted a ton of money plus my firstborn grandchild to return the kit.

This is where you, dear friends, came in. Your unanimous advice was to return the camera and run. So I packed it all up - luckily, I still had all the packaging and had not even tried to take a photo with it yet - and intended to send it off the next day.

Then The Hubby got involved. Ever the white knight, he saddled up and went to war with both Canon and Central. Under duress, Canon admitted that they would honor the manufacturer warranty wherever the camera was purchased, provided we had the receipt and registered the product. The serial numbers on the box matched the camera and lens, and everything that was supposed to be in the box was there. Central sent an extended warranty package for free (which may or may not be worth anything, but who knows). I was able to register the camera online at Canon, and it appears to be the US version.

So bottom line: I kept it. And it seems to be OK. As for the warranty, I guess we'll see. What with all the drama, I just haven't felt like using it until now and I still haven't much of a clue about how to use it.

When I ordered it, I had visions of tack-sharp telephoto action shots of birds and deer, and glorious fall landscapes. I have yet to take a bird shot that's even in focus, let alone tack sharp, though I have tried every combination of settings and focus options in the book. And the colors are odd on the landscapes.

However, the photo above is a severe crop from a shot taken with the telephoto in a dim hallway, using full auto everything and flash. It came out pretty well, I think, so I suspect the issue is with me and not the machine.

Thanks so much for all your comments in the previous post about this. I did take it to heart, and I do appreciate your taking the time to help.

P.S. - The Mother/Son road trip was awesome. Would have been better if I'd had a camera for all the fall scenery, but still a great time.


lifeshighway said...

you manage to crop a beautiful photo from less that stellar conditions so I call that a win.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out for you. But now you may have another
problem and thats if the camera works out then that will make your hubby right. In my house my wife says thats not good. You have a good day Bye Bye Ed

MyMaracas said...

Life, thanks. I do a lot of cropping. Somehow, I rarely see "the shot" until I have the full photo on the computer. I'm hoping to get better at that.

Ed, you have a point there. LOL
He's often right, but I try not to let it go to his head. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me.
And I don't even like cats :-)
I reckon getting to know a new camera is right up there in the desperation stakes, alongside divorce and moving house, which I have done 17 times.
(I have moved house, 17 times.Not divorced.)

Rambling Woods said...

I wish I had know that you were dealing with Broadway Photo also known as Central Digital. They have an "F" rating by the BBB with hundreds and hundreds of complaints. Google the BBB and enter the URL to check. I'm glad it it looks good and seems OK......

BBB Rating

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F. Reasons for this F rating include:

* 625 complaints filed against business
* Failure to respond to 254 complaints filed against business
* 2 complaints filed against business that were not resolved
* Overall complaint history with BBB
* Government action(s) against business
* BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business

Complaints to the Bureau indicate that this firm uses high pressures sales tactics after consumers place their orders. After ordering merchandise consumers report receiving a phone call from the firm’s customer representatives attempting to sell additional items. Representatives allegedly try to persuade consumers to buy the U.S. warranty, as well as accessories like cables, peripherals, and software, or lead consumers to believe the product will not work if additional merchandise is not purchased. In some cases, if the consumers declined, an email was sent advising them to cancel their orders because the item was on back-order despite being listed as available on the firm’s website. Consumers also reported unauthorized charges on their invoices. When trying to dispute such charges, consumers report difficulty talking to management, claiming they are verbally abused by the company’s staff.

MyMaracas said...

Michelle, thanks for the info. I think.

I didn't know the BBB kept records on online businesses. The Google shopping search had them in the top few, with a 5 star rating and over 50,000 reviews. The ones I read were nearly all positive.

They did call after I placed the order to sell more stuff, but didn't push beyond "no thanks" and didn't cancel the order. The customer service reps we spoke to were all OK. I won't count on any service from them if things go wrong, though.

Rambling Woods said...

I know, I debated on if I should tell you or not. But year, the BBB site has a function to check the URl of a business before you buy something....Michelle

MyMaracas said...

Excellent info and advice as always, Michelle. Thanks for taking the time to research it and to let me know. Next time, I'm asking you and the others here BEFORE I buy photography stuff.