Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nature Notes: Seasons Change

Seasons Change

What a difference a day makes. The shot above was early yesterday, with just the tops of the trees catching the light. I did not expect the snow, so these first flakes came as a delightful surprise.

Winter Dawn

By this morning, the bronze and gold shades had turned to silver, the treetops tipped in copper by the dawn.

People at the supermarket were either shaking their heads in dismay or cheerfully humming Christmas carols. Me, I have that Sleigh Ride song stuck in my head.

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Carver said...

Those are both gorgeous shots. I love the way the last one still has color on the tops above the snow.

MyMaracas said...

Carver, Thanks. The dawn light hits the tops of the trees first and makes them glow like that.

Rambling Woods said...

Hi actually had some measurable snow which looks as beautiful as the first a colder way. We had rain and wet snow for a couple of days but nothing stuck.....Michelle

Leora said...

Oh, how lovely that they (both photos) are right next to each other. Beautiful. Great captures of subtle color in both.

I'd be singing.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot the snow on the trees with the bronze tops. A year ago all I would have seen was some trees but thanks to you and some other blogs today I see what you shot. Thanks for letting me see nature. Bye Bye Ed

Linda Myers said...

Beautiful! Thanks for posting these season-changing shots.

Shirley said...

Beautiful photography! I like both of these!

Karen said...

I guess it takes both to make life interesting. When I woke up to see snow covering the beautiful fall color, I decided to wear black to mourn!

EG Wow said...

The snow looks so beautiful on the trees! Love how the gold tops off the whit in the second photo.

MyMaracas said...

Michelle, eew. Rain and wet snow is awful. Sorry you didn't get the fluffy stuff - but I'm sure it's on its way. ;-)

Leora, thanks! And I'm glad you'd be one of the "singers".

Ed, you have no idea how much that comment pleases me. Photography has opened my eyes to nature, and it's wonderful to hear that it has for you, too.

MyMaracas said...

Linda and Shirley, thanks! These are the first decent shots from my new camera. Glad you like them. :-)

Karen, I know what you mean. I'm always sad that fall is over. But I do like the peaceful, quiet quality of the whiteness in winter.

EG, the gold tips are kind of spectacular, aren't they? My hubby noticed them first, and said Wow! Grab your camera and come look at this. He's very helpful that way.

A piece of news said...

That's a perfect series for the changing weather. I recently did the light on the tree tops for a Nature Notes. It is my favorite thing about autumn and winter.

Scott said...

I love these. The copper tops in both photos really make them special. Great work here.

jo©o said...

What a gift from Nature!
To fave Autumn and Winter in one shot.
Beautifully done.

Lucy Corrander said...

I was thinking the top one is in sepia.

Your seasons are certainly well ahead of ours.

Thank you for following Pictures Just Pictures.

I’ve now used all the allotted space for photos there and have started a new blog so I can carry on. It’s called

Message in a Milk Bottle

I’ve given it a new look but its purpose is unchanged - a photo a day.


#1Nana said...

Great shots...we haven't had snow yet, but last night there was frost on the hot tub, a sure sign that winter is near! The one thing I do like about fall is the colors...especially the golden light.

MyMaracas said...

News, I agree - the light is perfect this time of year.

Scott, Thanks! I loved the way the light just tipped the trees that snowy morning. It only lasted a couple of minutes, then clouds rolled in.

Joco, I'm planning to do the same shot for spring and summer and keep them as a set.

MyMaracas said...

Lucy, it does look sepia, but isn't. I'll be sure to stop by at your new blog!

Nana, Brrrr ... frost on the hot tub sounds awful. LOL