Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bucket List Project #1: In Progress


Last week I announced here that I am planning to retire. Yesterday, I let my supervisor know. Today I have shifted into "moving on" mode. And I'm already loving it, already starting on that bucket list:

One of the many things I always wanted to get around to was to train wild birds to eat from my hand. Among my favorite memories are those of my bird-loving mother standing in the snow, surrounded by chickadees delicately picking seeds from her outstretched palms.

So today, when I filled the feeder I stayed there, holding very still. And would you believe it was only seconds before the first chickadee appeared? It landed right there on the feeder, only a foot or so away, grabbed a seed, and was gone.

Hardly daring to believe my luck, I placed a little pile of seeds on the deck railing, about three feet away. Sure enough, it was no time at all before another (or the same one?) fluttered in.

Photography time!

As I also mentioned last week, I intend to enjoy my remaining paychecks. I bought myself a fixed 50mm lens,which arrived Thursday and has been attached to my camera ever since. I retrieved it, set the Aperture to f 1.8, focused on the seeds, and waited.

I got off a few shots that turned out, including the one above. I am sooo happy. Already.

But here's the funny thing: I could have tried this any time. I didn't need to save it for Someday. So why did I?

Tomorrow: I'm holding out my hand. Wish me luck.

* To see how this turns out, check out the Progress Report post - updated daily! weekly? *

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Rambling Woods said...

Congrats...I hope that moving on will be a good thing and that you will have more time for your bucket list...Michelle

Vilisi said...

Good luck! Looking forward to reading what happens. (I love birds.)

Kusum Sanu said...

Wow! That is a tiny beautiful bird and a great story!

Tina´s PicStory said...

so cute! :)

eileeninmd said...

Congrats and enjoy your retirement! I always put out seed on the deck railing, it does allow for closeup shots of the birds. Love your chickadee.Have a great day!

Laura said...

how wonderful... enjoy life each day is so precious as is this little bird! If you have time tomorrow or perhaps Sunday or Monday, please stop by to visit the gratitude quilt and add words of gratitude of your own in the comment box below... it will be posted early Thursday morning, November 22nd. Happy Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

What a sweet little bird shot! I like the focus.