Sunday, November 11, 2012

Retiring: Standing at the Crossroads


 I am going to retire. Now.

There, I said it. Out loud. In print.

I am outta there, history, gone. So long, sayonara, and buh-bye.

I've never been so elated. I've never been so scared.

So, you may be wondering, What brought this on? After all, it says right up there in the banner that we decided to forego retirement in order to afford this place. (Note to self: I'm gonna need a new banner.)

Three things:
1. I'm almost out of time.
2. I don't want to spend any more of it being miserable.
3. I have so many things I was going to do "someday". Well, screw someday. I'm doing them Now.

No, I'm not dying. Not that I know of, anyway, not any time soon. But I am 61, and I do have health issues with the potential to rain on my parade if I delay it much longer.

I am a customer service call center rep, so I have learned to endure daily stress and abuse from both the overlords and the customers. However, my company recently implemented a popular management system better suited to increasing efficiency in manufacturing than in human interactions. It has exponentially increased the pressure on the staff and utterly demolished morale. This is not where I envisioned myself at this point in my life.

When I was young, I had a list of things I wanted to do. Some dropped of the list as I got older; Being in Times Square for New Years, for example. And marching in Mardi Gras. I can do without those now. And seeing the sunrise from the Great Wall of China probably sounds more romantic than it really would have been. Still, so many possible dreams remain, and I don't want to lose sight of any more of them.

Financially, we're OK. There's always that cold fear of things that could happen to scramble the nest egg. But that is never going to change, is it. Meanwhile, since my kid finishes college in December and the house is paid off, I think I'm entitled to spend my remaining paychecks on whatever the hell I want. I'm making a list.

The plan is to give notice next month - 30 to 90 days is required - and be free by, say mid-March at the latest. Just in time for Spring.

So yeah. I am retiring. Now. Advice, thoughts, tips and comments would be most welcome.


Linda Myers said...

Well, congratulations on the big decision! I made the same one when I was 61, with just about the same reasons, the same fears, and the same thrilled-ness.

You could go back to the beginning of my blog, Thoughts from a Bag Lady in Waiting.

No regrets! None! For either of us!

MyMaracas said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Linda! I can use all the support I can get right now. And I'll definitely check out the beginning of your blog, too.

Vilisi said...

Good for you, I say! I quit my high school teaching job at the end of last year and am taking a year off in New Zealand. Best thing I've ever done.Stepping away from an unhappy working environment is a step in the right direction. Best wishes for the rest of the way.Enjoy. :)

#1Nana said...

Three years ago I made the same decision with the same fears and concerns as you have. I Love being retired! I didn't realize what stress I was under until I was removed from the environment. Every day in retirement is a day where I do exactly what I want to do. I wish the same for you.

Daryl said...

okay ... about New Year's Eve in Times Square .. come to NYC for New Year's but come watch it on TV from my apartment where it will be warm and dry and where there is a bathroom and wine ...

I am so jealous of you .. I would retire in a heartbeat if i could just give up wanting to travel, wanting to buy things w/o a second thought and if i knew i could share our small apartment every day with my husband who works from home (even tho he is semi retired ..means he works when a client needs him)

HOORAY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MyMaracas said...

Vilisi, Hello! A year off in New Zealand? Lucky you!

Nana, I don't think I realized how badly the stress was affecting me, even though my husband clearly saw it. My son recently took me aside and asked if I was ok, because "You always seem so sad." I had no idea it showed.

Daryl, I hope you mean that about New Year's. It could happen LOL. I know I'm going to miss the money, and world travel won't be in the budget. I can only hope it's worth the sacrifice.

Rambling Woods said...

Yes overloads is a good name for it.. Yes..I loved Times Square and so happy I got to do it...hugs,,