Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nature Notes: April Showers, April Flowers

Finally, finally, spring has arrived in Indiana. We're getting April showers, instead of snowstorms ...


... and those showers are bringing the flowers. Pussy willows are in full fuzz and the jonquils are aaaaalmost in bloom:


These are the first to raise their sunny little heads and fill the air with sweet, welcome perfume.

Look closely in the foreground. See those wild garlic sprouts spiraling up? I think they're wonderful, though I will eventually have to pull them up.



The bluebirds have returned, too, along with the song sparrows, owls, and turkey vultures.  The gold and purple finches are once again bright gold and purple, and everything is singing - including the frogs.

Best of all are the tom turkeys, competing for the attention of the ladies. A parade of toms in full display is a truly impressive sight, each standing about three feet tall at the top of the tail, their iridescent copper and bronze feathers flashing in the sun.


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bettyl said...

Spring is definitely on the way in your part of the world! Love your photos, the bluebird is gorgeous.

Carver said...

Wonderful spring shots. Such a delight to have flowers blooming and bluebirds singing.

Daryl said...

ahhh .... we're going to get that wet on friday, right now its 20 degrees warmer than 'normal' ..

Gillena Cox said...

A Happy Springtime to you

much love...

Rambling Woods said...

yes..spring is here...the hummers are all the way to PA already.. hugs to you vicki...michelle

Arija said...

My, oh my, spring really is springing up your way.