Saturday, April 6, 2013

Watch for Flying Turkeys

In spring the wild tom turkeys strut their stuff, and I've been hoping to catch some decent shots of them all fanned out and on parade. Nothing worth sharing yet.

However, I did get to watch a flock of ten fly up, one by one, to the top of our pasture fence and glide down to cross to the other side of the field. Turkeys don't fly well or often, so this was a rare opportunity.

I was too far away and was shooting through a double-paned window with a screen on it, but I knew by the time I got outside the show would be over. These are severely cropped and poor quality, but sometimes you Just have to take what luck hands you.


Wild Turkey in Flight

Wild Turkey in Flight

It's been such a pleasure this week, having time for watching the local wildlife, coming and going as I please, playing with my camera. So many times a day I used to stop myself before starting something fun, with the thought "I don't have time for this." I don't say that anymore. Retirement rocks.

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Daryl said...

what do you mean not so hot? these are great ...