Saturday, March 30, 2013

All The Time in the World

Ta Daaaaaa! I am officially RETIRED.

Yesterday I cleared out my desk, said my farewells, and walked out of a grim, gray cube farm into a glorious early spring day. I shed no tears. I did not look back. And now that it's a done deal, all I can think about it is, What the hell took me so long?

I can't remember ever feeling so light, so happy, so free. So ... what to do first?

Well, I couldn't sleep, so I got up around 5:30 AM, had coffee, and browsed the newspaper. Then I WENT BACK TO BED. Until 9. And I can do that every morning now. Any time I feel like it. Yowza.

It's Shadow Shot Sunday meme day, and the sun is shining, so photography was in order. I bought a neat bottle-turned-turned-into-a-candle holder at a gift shop a week ago, and I've been looking forward to seeing what I can do with it with my new 50mm lens (which I am loving). The results so far are over at Maraca. And if I want to, I can spend the whole day playing with it. Again, Yowza.

Now about that bottle. It looks like it is covered in frost crystals. I adore frost crystals. And I have never seen anything like this outside of the dead of winter:


The shop owner didn't know how this effect had been done, either. So, of course, I fired up Google and went searching. It took a while to find the secret, but it turns out all you need is a can of a craft product called Crystal Frost, available at craft stores and online. You just spray it on glass and stand back while the magic happens. Come Christmas, I will be frosting the daylights out of this place.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is Easter and I have goodies to bake and shop for. Because I am not going to work today. Or tomorrow. Or ever. Yowza!


Linda Myers said...

Welcome to your brand new life!

MyMaracas said...

Thanks, Linda! Your encouragement helped me get here, for which I am truly grateful.

Vilisi said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy ! :)

Daryl said...

YOWZA indeed ... and how cool is that .. i may need to try it myself

Debbie said...

your on the other side now....the best part of your life. have a blast!!

Joyful said...

Congratulations on retirement! Now you have time to do all the things you couldn't do before ;-)