Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Deer.

Spring Deer

This is the view from our upstairs windows pretty much every evening along about dusk.
And it's gardening season.

Hmm. Gee.

Do you think I have any hope against this hungry horde?


sallyacious said...

Wow. Maybe with a really tall, really sturdy fence? It's a pretty cool sight, though.

Small Pines said...

Good golly! That is a LOT of deer!

Kathy said...

Sure ... hang Irish Spring soap in panty hose all around the property. LOL. That's a whole lotta deer to defend against.

Not laughing, but laudhing.

spookydragonfly said...

Wow! What a beautiful sight! My deer seem to enjoy my Hydrangea trees and bushes...I need to do the Irish Spring thing...I think my trees and bushes are stunted because of the deer! I'd rather see the deer, even though the Hydrangeas are among my favorites.

MyMaracas said...

Sally, a fence and a mote and maybe a gun turret? LOL.

It is indeed a LOT of deer.

Kathy, I've heard of that. Does it work? I hear they don't like hair clippings either. This yard could turn out to have a lot of strange things hanging from bushes.

Spooky, just about everything here has some stripped bark or stunted sections. Surprisingly enough, they seem to be leaving my little clump of daffodils alone.