Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Has Sprung: Guy Watching

Guy Watching

Finally! The grass is greening, the ice is nearly gone, and the birds are back. MAN are they back. The whole place is filled with them, singing and hunting, competing for mates and turf. I'm loving it.

On the way to the optometrist this morning, we spied these turkeys strutting their stuff in a farm field. The hubby was driving, I had my camera in my lap, and nobody else was on the road, so we slammed on the brakes and backed up. (Hubby is an exceptionally good sport.)

I had to slog through a ditch in good shoes, and the turkeys were too far away, but it was totally worth the effort. I had never seen wild turkeys with their tails fanned out, and with the misty field and the morning sun shining through their feathers they were something to behold.

It's amazing that so much wildlife lives here, only twenty minutes from town. I never would have guessed.


sallyacious said...

Oh my. That's a wonderful shot. How lucky are you, to have so much life around you?

Char said...

Great shot, I especially like the caption of "cute but". Thanks

Sylvia K said...

Fabulous shot! And I like the "cute butt" caption, too! It's great to where you can see so much of nature every day!

spookydragonfly said...

They are pretty amazing to see. I can just imagine the scenario of you and your hubby! Great captures, Vicki, especially from a distance!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - great shot! I've never seen wild turkeys fanning their tail either. With wildlife-spotting vision like that, did you REALLY need to see the optometrist? :)

MyMaracas said...

Thanks, guys! We really are lucky to be here at this moment in time. Life feels completely different out here.