Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nature Notes: Yellow Brick Road


This is one of those "better late than never" entries. The weather and health issues have conspired to keep me inside lately. I'm doing better now. Thanks so much for all your kind comments and concern. It has been a comfort. I'm sorry I haven't been around more, but I'll be catching up on visiting everyone in the next few days.

Yellow Brick Road 2

Today was my first foray into the woods since the leaves began to turn, and I almost missed the show. This time of year it is a pure pleasure just to drive back and forth to work, as the colors have been breathtaking this year. But nothing compares with actually walking among the trees.

Virtually all of our trees turn yellow - maple, poplar, ash and beech. Aside from the bronze oaks, there are very few reds. I wish you could stand with me out here; pictures just can't capture what it's like to stand in all that golden light, with the leaves showering down all around.

Little Green Bug

I was surprised to find this little guy on the pathway, shining like an emerald. As I bent close to admire him, he looked up at me, and ... well ... as you can see, I scared the bug juice out of him. I suppose if a critter the size of a skyscraper took a sudden interest in me, I'd probably react the same way. I felt bad, but I just had to laugh.

I actually found myself apologizing. To a bug. I may need to cut back on the meds.

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Jane ... said...

Your photos glow with nature's beauty! The golden pathway almost looks surreal. And your bug story made me laugh--great pix. I hope and pray you feel much better each day!

Kcalpesh said...

These pictures look so beautiful. Special mention for the first one which is an output of your extreme creative thinking. Nicely done with the focus maintained on the scene behind the leaf!

- Pixellicious Photos

MyMaracas said...

Thanks, Jane! I think I'm on the mend.

Kc, I'm glad you liked that first one. I was kind of pleased with the effect myself, thought I think the leaf takes up too much room in the frame. It was a huge leaf, which is what made me pick it up in the first place.

Carver said...

I'm sorry you haven't been well but am glad you are feeling better now. I love these shots. Such beautiful autumn scenes.

Rambling Woods said...

Blogger lost my comment.. I was saying what a clever photo you took, I wish I had thought of it. Wonderful color, just splendid and I love the little green guy.. I find myself saying sorry to critters all the time...I am glad you are feeling better Vicki... Michelle

Sallyacious said...

OooooOOOOOOH! LOVE that first photo. But these are all wonderful.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and that you didn't miss autumn entirely. To my mind, it's one of the things that make winter bearable.

eileeninmd said...

Lovley photos, the colors are fantastic.

dsmcaron said...

I'm so glad you feel better and I hope it keeps going in the right direction.

Holy cow is that second picture a beauty! I love it.

Nicole said...

Oh, these are wonderful. Thanks so much for taking me on the autumn walk. I do miss autumn a lot, sigh.
Those yellows are just awesome and the pics are great :)

Glad to hear you are feeling better.
All the Best wishes from sunny Sinai ;)

Stine in Ontario said...

What a lovely carpet of leaves. This year, our leaves are coming down a little at a time and then disappearing so I haven't had a chance to walk through a nice deep pile and hear them rustle.

Anonymous said...

Good golly those pics are stunning - especially the middle one - the "road." Pretty awesome. Took me a minute to figure out what the first one was before I started reading! Neato!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what beautiful photos, our trees are mostly yellow too and everywhere seems to glow with it, just as you captured so well in your second photo.

I like the little bug, poor thing being scared like that!

Anonymous said...

What an outstanding photo of the trees and leaves on the ground. It remines me how years ago we would go camping almost every weekend.
You have a good day glad you are feeling better Bye Bye Ed

Kilauea Poetry said...

That was kind of neat..a view through the leaf.
The forest floor- well it's so inviting with all the fall colors! Absolutely stunning! The one in black and white by the gate on the, I'd love to see that picture in the normal setting..I bet it's striking.
Hey, your comments on my blog..I enjoyed the way you depicted each. Thank you-

pedro a. cruz cruz said...

bien vista y precioso otoƱal.