Saturday, April 10, 2010

Silver Linings


It's been stormy this week in Indiana, but the sun comes peeking through between showers. Kind of like my life right now.

Sorry I've been AWOL lately ... spring break, Easter company, and exhaustion from the new job training program conspired to keep me stuck in the "real" world. But things are beginning to settle a bit.

This weekend is supposed to be sunny, so I'm hoping to make some serious progress on the yard and maybe get the veggie patch tilled up. We still haven't started the seeds we bought, though it looks like we could have. The weather seems to have turned early this year. I want to try planting by the moon this time around, but may have to settle for whenever we can get around to it. Again with that sucky "real world" thing.

We ordered some saplings from the state conservation district, and we pick them up next weekend. We chose redbuds, swamp oaks, and a native plum, plus a packet of native wildflower seeds. It's a great program - you should check with your own state to see if they do something similar. Now I just need to decide where they will go.

I can't tell you what a relief it is to see new life again, and how excited I am to finally be able to get out and grub around in the dirt. Hope spring has sprung for all of you by now!


Scott said...

Love those great clouds. I've done a couple posts about using clouds to enhance photos with boring skies and these are great clouds to keep in your files for just such occasions. Nice job!

Rambling Woods said...

I like the idea of native..I will check into what we might have but so much of everything has been slashed and cut....sorry you are under so much stress....

MyMaracas said...

Scott, nice to see you here! And thanks for the tip about saving skies as backgrounds. Good one.

Michelle, there are lots of places to tuck in a native or two. As for the stress, well, I have a job. Not having one would be so much worse. LOL

Sallyacious said...

I'm jealous. I miss digging and planting and the lovely bit where you finally see something new come up out of the earth or a bud on a tree you planted the year before.

I hope you're having a lovely spring.