Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wonders Never Cease

The Hubby found these Jack-in-the-Pulpit flowers while exploring a marshy area behind the pond. I had no idea we had them.

The plant grows in wet areas, and doesn't flower until it is three years old. (Technically it's an inflorescence, but I doubt many people care.)

Take a close look at the shape and texture of the bottom half of the flower in the first photo. Would that make a great vase or what? I'm tucking it away as inspiration for when the pottery studio happens. Wonder if I can find a glaze that color.

Jack in the PulpitJack in the Pulpit 4


Scott said...

I love those and the vase idea is great. I really like the one on the right, but it would work so well for a vase. Great pics!

EG Wow said...

Wow! That's quite the find! I sometimes see them in the forest near me and I have one I planted in a shade garden, but they aren't up yet. Yours are very nice ones!

MyMaracas said...

Thanks, Scott - I appreciate your encouragement. Glad you see the potential for pottery there, too. Not everyone gets these things.

EG, lucky you! These are the first ones I have ever seen, so I'm pretty excited.

Anonymous said...

more to look for..thank you as you have been a great inspiration to me vicki...michelle