Sunday, November 2, 2008

Friendship Award

I'm honored to say that Kiva at Eclectic Granny tapped me for this friendship award. (Can you see I'm blushing?)

The award asks that we answer four questions:

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?
I have two childhood friends whom I write at Christmastime, but we all live in different parts of the country now. I envy people who live in small towns and have lifelong friends nearby.

2. What do you value most about your friends?
I enjoy the companionship, and knowing that we're there for each other in a pinch.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards?
My online friends are my soundingboards, rather than my "real world" friends, interestingly enough.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?
I love to do lunch.

I'm passing this one along to three lovely ladies who stepped in this week to offer their encouragement and support when I needed it most. Faced with the reality of moving to the new house, I suddenly found that I needed a little hug and a shove. Special thanks and this award go to Spookydragonfly of Wishnik Woods, Ramblingwoods of Rambling Woods ~ The Road Less Traveled, and Sally at Sallyacious. Your loving replies meant more than you know.

P.S. OH! I want to add Kathy, AKA Mutualaide to the list, too. Kathy is a wonderful friend to have. If you haven't met her yet, you should stop by her place, Flamingo Feathers and say hi.


spookydragonfly said...

Hi Vicki...Thank you...That was so nice of you! Congratulations to you! I know you'll find happiness in your move...sometimes life's just a bag of emotions, isn't it?!

Rambling Woods said...

This is very sweet Vicki..thank you. And when you get all moved in and out your things away, wait about 4 years as this is how long we have lived here and think of something you haven't seen in a while, but need and see what comes to mind..where it is where you are now or where you lived for 20 years. I can still think of where everything was in my former house. We are such creatures of habit...

sallyacious said...

Thank you so much for this award! That's a wonderful, kind, very sweet gesture.

Though I envy you the lovely new digs (a pond!), I don't envy you the moving. Though my husband and I will be doing the same in less than a year from now. Of course, first we have to figure out where we're going.