Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whispers from the Cellar*

Once in a while, in my line of work, I find myself on the phone with a customer from my home state of West Virginia. Good natured banter always ensues, as we are a friendly and clannish folk. The customer relays news from home, and I dutifully lament my loss at having left the place. Yesterday, though, the usual script took a surprising turn.

At the end of the call, the client recited the first line of the West Virginia state song: "Oh the West Virginia hills, how majestic and how grand." To which I found myself adding, without hesitation, the next line: "With their summits bathed in glory like our Prince Immanuel's land."

Where the HELL did that come from? I haven't sung that song since grade school. In the '50s.

But wait, there's more: Today on public radio, I heard that researchers have discovered that baby boomer brains are still carrying around an extra load of carbon 14 from the nuclear bomb tests done when we were babies. Some parts of people regenerate completely over time, but the brain just keeps packing new stuff into its original equipment. Hmm. Permanent, radioactive memories. This explains so much.

So it seems I have reached the age where I can't remember whether I took a pill with the glass of water I am still holding in my hand, but factoids from half a century ago are on speed dial. Nature has a cruel sense of humor, and she loves to screw with old people.

*Reprinted from the other blog, Maraca.


marti said...

are you always shocked to look in the mirror?
I am
In my ind I am about 30 and hot!

sallyacious said...

I'm still about 22 in my head. Every so often, I'll tell someone my age, and they're only slightly more shocked than I am because, really? How could I be in my 40's?

My husband and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary, and I'm not sure we've been together that long. It feels like 5, 6 years, max. Where does the time go?

spookydragonfly said...

I'm right there with you!!

MyMaracas said...

Marti, I know what you mean. It's startling to see my mother looking back at me from the mirror. It's worse if I'm wearing my reading glasses, because then I can see the wrinkles way too well.

Sally, in your photos you look way younger that 40. No fair.

Hi Spooky! It looks like we may have enough people to start a little club here. LOL