Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello, Dolly

Pilot Son wandered into my office today and casually remarked that he'd found a man doll in the woods.

Me: "A what?"

He: "A man doll. It's made out of a black plastic garbage bag, and it's hanging from a tree."

Me: "You mean, like, a voodoo doll?"

He: "Nah. It's wearing a Carhartt jacket and a hunting vest."

This I had to see.

The last time I walked the woods, birds and squirrels were scolding from the thickets and golden leaves were whispering their goodbyes. Today it was strangely empty, silent except for the sound of distant gunfire. It is deer season, and all the wildlings are making themselves scarce.

At the far edge of the woods, just beyond our property line, this is what we found. We can only imagine that a hunter hung it there so that deer would become used to its presence, and might not be spooked at the sight of a real man in similar dress.

Creepy, is it not?


Rambling Woods said...

Yeah..that is creepy..and so is being in the woods during shotgun season...

MyMaracas said...

Yeah, Rambling, I was a little nervous about that too. But the lure of the "man doll" was just too great. I did drape an orange sweatshirt over my coat, and we yelled a lot to be sure we weren't mistaken for venison. Note to self: buy hunting vests.

Sandcastle Momma said...

That is odd. Reminded me of the Blair Witch Project LOL
Orange is a good idea. You might want to think about orange hats to go with those vests too.

dot said...

That is kinda creepy!

sallyacious said...

I'm sure the hunters appreciated the yelling.

If you don't want deer shot on your property, be sure to post no trespassing/no hunting signs. I'd wonder about having a doll like that so close to your property line. Make sure everybody knows where it is.

gina said...

yes it is...and i bet that's exactly what the intent is. poor deer.

spookydragonfly said...

I just despise having to worry about walking into our woods because of wandering hunters! Even if they're not on our property, bullets do go astray. I don't care for the fact of strangers walking the woods either. I know we have to get some orange vests just to feel safe in our own woods.

MyMaracas said...

Momma and Dot, I had the same reaction. But at least it's not the voodoo doll I originally envisioned. That woulda been scary.

Sally, that's probably a good idea. I did consider posting the property, but since I've been quietly trespassing myself back there, I didn't want to start something with the new neighbors. Still, I really don't relish dodging bullets or stumbling upon bloody remains.

Gina, I feel sorry for the deer too. People tell me I'll be ready to off them myself by next year, after they've eaten my gardens. We'll see.

Spooky, me too. I'm probably dangerously naive to go wandering around in hunting season. Maybe it's best we just keep out for a while.