Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just Shoot Me. Please.

OK, so here we are on final countdown to the biggest, most complicated, most emotionally loaded meal of the entire year, with company on the way, and my brand new, fancy schmancy, ridiculously overpriced refrigerator is freezing everything.

Yes, folks, I got your frozen celery, your frosty cheese, your solid-state salad dressings, your milk slushies ... whatever flavor of ice your little heart desires. I do not, however, have a turkey that is anywhere close to thawing out by Thursday.

Why me, God, why me?

After ten minutes of suffering through the robot phone lady and the holding pattern in the Sears service center, I convinced a rep that I had done all the tweakage recommended in the operating manual to no avail. Four days later, today, a service person was dispatched.

According to Younger Son, who supervised the process in my absence, the guy moved some bread away from a blower in the back of the fridge and declared the problem solved. Or, if not, we should "wait about four days to see if it gets better."

Oh HELL no. And now the thing is even colder.

Back on the phone after work, back through the robot lady, to another rep who -- miracle of miracles -- will send somebody out tomorrow. This will pretty much wreck my plans for my day off, but at this point I'm feeling lucky not to be waiting four days for the damn thing to make up its mind what temperature it wants to be. I already know what my temperature is: boiling.


spookydragonfly said...

You don't even want to get me started on Sears and their service dept.!! In the past five years I've had so many major hassels with them and my appliances! I honestly don't think we'll buy big ticket items from them again! I was a "lifer", purchasing appliances since I was 20 years old ...and now that I'm....29(o.k,39, ok, 49..nevermind), it's time to find someplace else to shop! Good-luck and hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

sallyacious said...

This is why we order out for Thanksgiving dinner.

Good luck getting it all straightened out. May your fridge issues be solved in record time by a cheerful repair person bearing gift certificates.

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Rambling Woods said...

LOL..I am sorry that I am laughing, but my dryer had to be repaired or i could dry my clothes on a line in the yard..in the snow...I hope it gets fixed before the big and not so much fun day is here..

Martha said...

Oh no! Why do things like this always happen at the holidays! Sounds like it's time to make reservations for dinner!

Kiva said...

And that is why when my kids got married, I told them that I'm going to their houses for Thanksgiving. Guess what? When I did that, I haven't had major hassles right before Thanksgiving with any of the "servants".

Askew To You said...

Oh boy. Holiday time is no time for fridge problems. I hope that everything worked out okay.